natalia is the first fairy in the hospsal fairies what she looks like:

natalie has fair skin and freckles and brown hair in a long ponytail inwith a pale red with pale pink dots bow and a pale pink fading to dark pink fading to pale red fading to dark red headband with the same pale red with pale pink dots bow and a pale pink dress with dark red stripes and a pale red hem with a pale pink covered in red hearts shawl. her mary jane shoes are pale pink with blue extras and clourful flowers and dark pink bows and pale and dark red swirls and dots. her wings are pale pink, dark pink, dusty pink, hot pink and light pink tinted. fairydust: pale pink and dark pink and pale red and dark red hearts and flowers all clours. job: looking after nurses. magical thing: a special pale pink heart covered in dark pink dots and pale red flowers.

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