On my own aka the me and brooke on our own song is a song sang in party of one tamara sings this when destiny, jessie, miley, caudia and lexi make up exuses why they can't come to chewy's party. the music is slimlar to on my own in on your marks and you can do it by your own in flutter brutter the song: tarmara and brooke: we are sometimes plucky now we are sad for no body attends chewy's party apart from us...( comes out of the attic, buys 2 sherbets and back in the attic makes a sherbet cloud) parties used to be echanted and brillant... there's a chilly breeze in the air we wish parties were fun and fair. we are unhappy fairies. I think they have other plans... this dusty dirty attic is no use. wrong stories are bad like spilling juice over jess's book... the other fairies said no to your very special party... icy drinks are very dangerous..this party is so new.. you sometimes are filled with joy. are sadly the dust, our hair is ruined.

``parties are sometimes fun and magical... our hair used to be pretty...our party is due to start in 100 hours. we often party. and friendly and caring fairies see that soft candy is good... rather then party we stay the night in the attic stomp on the spiders...

good times are good...let's hope that they are wrong...being able to party is right...sparkly outfits are nice... all sorts of pets have birthdays.... soon a party will be starting...strange things will happen now your hair is unponytailed. (comes out of the attic) we are free from that dusty old attic! cheers!