the power fairies take place after candyland fairies and look after powers without them, powers will not be the same. jack frost`s spell: I will get rid of the power fairies`s magical things to rule world far away and near. that was a short spell. fairies: stacey the sweet dreams fairy grace the growing and shrinking fairy thea the things to come fairy chairty the change fairy daisy the disappear fairy willow the wish fairy feilty the flying fairy tilly the teleport fairy charlie the cream pie fairy movie the magical lift fairy triva in the usa this group is called the magic in the fairy and human worlds fairies: stacey is called sally the good dreams fairy grace is called gemma the growing fairy thea is called their the upcoming things fairy chairty is called tess the transform fairy daisy is called diva the appear fairy willow is called true the make a wish come true fairy felity is called fi fi the flutter fairy tilly is called tracey the transport fairy charlie is called chart the creamy pie fairy and movie is called molly the magic ride fairy.