Rafaela the Ruby Fairy (not to be confused with Raphaela the Alien Egg A Fairy), originally created by AllyTrish34, is the last fairy in the Land Before Time Fairies.

Rafaela the Ruby Fairy
Race fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Land Before Time Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) a Ruby charm
Symbol(s) pink Oviraptors

Appearance Edit

Rafaela wears a sky blue dress cinched with a white belt, fishnet stockings, a mauve necklace, a pair of leg warmers trimmed with hot pink faux fur over pink ankle-high boots (studded with red rhinestones; posing as "rubies"). Her eyes are blue. Her hair is pale pink and wavy with faint white streaks, with bangs. Her wings are pink.

Trivia Edit

  • Ruby is the pink Oviraptor, and a main character, in Land Before Time.
  • Rafaela is a minor character in Lucid Dream. In this chaptered story, she is friends with Tristan the Andean Condor Fairy.
  • She looks a little bit like River Styxx.
  • Her name was originally Richelle (if not mistaken).

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