In the year 2035, the old Rainbow Fairies are retired and lose their ability to spread color. main reason is they have passed on their magic to the next generation.

If the Rainbow fairies have mentors how were the previous Rainbow Fairies, then how could Fairyland lose their color?

Senior Fairies,no longer live in and around fairyland. however,despite losing their colors and rainbow abilities they still are able to do magic.

They live in a secluded area somewhat separate from fairy land, which means they are quite far from fairyland. (imagine the Hakuna Matata)

Senior Fairies are still invited to special ocation in fairyland, example the Midsummer ball.

Seniors faires have a lot more free time then their mentees. After graduation the juniors live in fairyland however the seniors move out since they are no longer in charge of their duties .

After juniors graduate from the academy they take on their duties in and around fairyland, which means juniors move in and seniors move out of Fairyland.

Fairies recharge their wands every year on Halloween for another year. This means they get to see each other on Halloween when they recharge wands.

When the juniors graduate, on one day after their birthday, their wands get recharged and become their full time wands instead of training wands. as for the seniors who will accompany their mentees to fairyland and spend the day with them while they familiarize themselves with their new home .

juniors fifth/final year, the seniors privately tutor their own mentee, mentoring and teaching them their special magic and spells they have learned from their mentors. with fourteen rainbow fairies that acdemy year was super duper colourful. double color/rainbow magic.

juniors first year in fairyland, taking over duties, spreading colors and rainbows wearing their own outfits. seniors, first year outside of fairyland in the secluded area far away from fairyland, settle in,

Courtesy of a wiki contributor

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