In this fairylicious fan series (written by me) Jack Frost has cast a curse on Fairyland, and all the fairies must flee to Earth. But when one of them turns against the rest, they must go on a quest to discover their true powers and help her realize the magic of friendship. (It sounds like MLP, but truth is, I'm not good at making summaries..)

Characters: (More will be added later)

Amber, Fairy of Orange- This fairy is claustrophobic and her room resembles a campground more than a bedroom. Being trapped in a seashell will do that to you.. Her room has curtains made of thin, yet flexible amber, and this fairy is a simple girl- she reads books by taking them out from the library, instead of buying them, and she doesn't own a phone.

Abigail, Fairy of Breezes- This fairy prefers the company of winds to everyone else’s, whether they are cold winter breezes or the welcome summer ones. To everyone else, she appears crazy, but she is just having conversations with the winds. But she has never gotten an A+ on anything in her life- she can be quite absent-minded sometimes.

Amy, Fairy of Amethysts- She is very stubborn and isn't above proving everyone wrong. As a result, she is very athletic and isn’t above skipping classes if it means she gets to go for a run.

Alice, Fairy of Tennis- Alice is a fairy who is very bubbly and loves hanging out with others. Needless to say, she is very popular but is very shy deep down, no matter how much she tries to hide it.

Ashley, Fairy of Dragons- Ashley is a superstitious fairy, and she wears a dragon necklace to ward off evil spirits. She does not eat fish, and is said to be able to summon fire that can burn anything.

Ally, Fairy of Dolphins- Blessed with the gift of speaking to all animals, Ally is a very shy fairy who has no friends. And her power isn’t impressive to anyone- except for her 6 sisters who also speak to animals and are her age.

Ava, Fairy of Sunsets- Her love is sunsets- it’s even the color of her room! She has a great sense of direction, though, and hates school ;-)

Written by WinxScreenshots

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