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Rhiannon the Spa Bath Fairy
Rhiannon the Spa Bath Fairy
Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Symbol(s) Bubbles of soap

Rhiannon the Spa Bath Fairy is the second fairy in the Spa Fairies series.


One day, after a troubling visit from Kirsty Tate, Rachel Walker leaves her house and sets out in search of a fairy - a quest undertaken in the company of girls and urban youths. In the search for Rhiannon the Spa Bath Fairy, Rachel surprises even herself with her intelligence and skill as a detective. During her travels, Rachel rescues a drowning person, a friend of Kirsty. But if she refuses to try the spa baths, their relaxing time will be gone forever...


Rhiannon has pale skin and long straight blonde hair. She wears a pale pink dress with a dark pink jacket, light pink belt (with a light purple bow on the front of her sash) and pink and purple bangles. On her legs, she wears pink and purple striped leggings and on her feet she wears pink high heels. Her wings are round and light pink tinted.

Magic Object/JobEdit

Magic object: A floating soap bubble.

Job: Bringing joy and relaxation to people in spa baths.