The Royal Fairies, Thought up by India, is a group of Fairies that makes everything sparkly/Jewelled Royal,


  • Kelly the Tiara & Crown Fairy
  • Skyler the Royal Ball Fairy ( US name: Venus the Royal Ball Fairy
  • Sunny the Glittery Light Fairy ( US name: Summer the Glittery Room Fairy
  • Peppa the Jewellry Fairy
  • Scotty the Wings Fairy
  • Helly the Happy Fairy
  • Rosey the Enchanted Fairy


Rachel and Kirsty Has invited to a Tiara shop in Golden Palace, But when they saw a Diamond Tiara, They found Kelly the Tiara & Crown Fairy saying that Jack Frost has Stolen their Royal wands, without the Royal wands, Royal stuffs will look ugly,


They are Friends with:

  • The Princess Kingdom Fairies
  • The Enchanted Fairies
  • The Fruit Fairies
  • The Candy Kingdom Fairies


  • The fruit Fairies' Jobs are making fruits grow healthy, but they also Keep The Fruit Kingdoms Safe,
  • All Fairies wear dresses,

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