Sakurah Is The Seventh Fairy In The Dog Fairies (US Title:The Dog-Kind Fairies)


Sakurah has pale skin and wavy chocolate brown hair and a hot pink streak, held off of her face by a black headband (also decorated by hot pink - this time a bow). She wears a black off-shoulder t-shirt with a hot pink and black plaid tie and a black neclace with a tourmaline inside of it. Sakurah also wears a plaid pink and black skirt. Lastly, she wears hot pink sneakers with black lining on them. Her wings are hot pink tinted.

Symbol: A paw print with cherry blossom leaves around it.

Job: To make huskies have a safe life.

Magical Object: A husky named Snapple.


- Sakurah's name means cherry blossom in Japanese