Chapter oneEdit

"I'am so excited!" Rachel to her best friend. Kirsty Tate.

'Yep.' said Kirsty. "we'll have a good time."

It was the Easter holidays in wetherbury forest. and Rachel and Kirsty (incuding their parents, A-OK and the Angels) were staying in Forest cottage for a week after a fairy adventure. when icy Jack Frost caused mishief. the girls help the Fairies put things right.

'Mum.' said Rachel. "can we go in the forest for a little adventure?"

"Don't go too far, girls!" shouted Mrs Walker. "we will have BBQ about when you're back!"

"We won't." shouted Kirsty.

"Everything's so calm in the forest." said Rachel. 'But wait a minute...'

The trees are chopped down.

"This can't be happening!" said Kirsty.

Then they saw a Fairy sitting on a chopped tree. she looked sadly at the girls. 

"who is it?" said Kirsty.

Chapter twoEdit

The Fairy has long, brown hair pulled into a plait. she weas a green dress with a picture of a tree on it. she also wears dark green shoes. her tree necklace and her wing shimmered in the sunshine.

"Hello, girls." she said. "I'm Sally the Tree fairy. we need your help. can you help me?"

'Of course.' said Rachel.

then Sally waved her wand and girls has disappeared... to Fairyland.

Rachel and Kirsty's wings were growing from their back. and they also saw King Oberon and Queen Titania. and six Fairies walk by. incuding the Fairy that they helped: Mischa the Forest Fairy.

"Girls. meet my helpers. except Sally who is looking for you two." said Mischa. 'Mel the Wood Fairy. Tracy the Pincone Fairy. Astri the Animals' home Fairy. Andee the Leafs Fairy. Kaelyn the sticks Fairy and Kraya the Treetop Fairy.'

"You see." said Sally. "we have all the magic bags of forest dust. but Jack Frost has stole them while we are having a party! there, I'll show you a magic picture.

Sally waved her wand. and a magical picture appeared. in that picture. the forest fairies were putting their dust in their bedroom and went out.

and they can see Jack Frost and his goblins. "Goblins. steal the magic bags of forest dust for me! and keep them in my icy castle!" said Jack Frost.

The goblins stole the bags one by one. and disappeared in a clap of icy magic.

"That's horrible," said Rachel.

"Find my bag first." said Sally. she cast a spell at the girls and herself. they flew up into the sky and the fairies were calling "Good luck!" to them. and they disappeared in a clap of tree magic.

Work and pattern by Megan Maylor

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