This is the brand-new Animalcrosserk's page. Please edit so I can know. Ok. I thought up some new fairies. Sorry if their name is already a canon fairy.

The list of Fairies I thought up:Edit

Peach the Mushroom Fairy

- Magic Mushroom

Rosalina the Galaxy Fairy

-Galaxy Charm

Morina the Island Fairy

-Island Charm

Zelda the Triangle Fairy

-Triangle Charm

Navi the listening fairy [you know this one]

-Listening Charm

Fi the Sword Fairy [well, you get it]

- Magic Sword

Rukoti the Sunlight Fairy

-Sun Gem

Doeha the Noodle Fairy

-Noodle Charm

Lumi the Weather Fairy

-Weather Wand

Laylaxerda the Moonlight Fairy

-Moon Magic 

Marada the Fossil Fairy

-Fossil Charm

Pennyer the Quartz Fairy

-Quartz Charm

Millie the Sky Fairy

- Magic bag of sky dust

Sasha the Sushi Fairy

- Sushi Charm

Faeather the Beans Fairy

- Beans charm

That's all I thought of for now! If you think of any more, let me know!

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