Spectrum the Peace & Relaxion Fairy is the 3rd Fairy in The Destiny Crystal Fairies.


Spectrum has blonde hair pulled back into a Bun. she wears a Pink floaty dress. yellow sneakers. she wears a pearl necklace. her wings are Orange tinted.

Magic Crystal/Job:Edit

Job: Makes sure that Humans are Peaceful and Relaxed.

Magic object: A Peace & Relaxation Crystal (on her wand).


Jack Frost has Stolen Spectrum's Magic Crystal. Without it, No one can be Peaceful & Relaxed! Rachel and Kirsty must get the Magic Crystal back. But the goblins are holding it and don't want to give it back! Tilly make magic with Her. And Until they got the Crystal. there were four Crystals left to fnd!

The girls have got Spectrum's Crystal back. now it's time to help Shine the Love & Care Fairy.

This page is for Dazzlethelights. Do not edit without her Pesission!

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