Sylvie the Strawberry Cupcake Fairy is the fourth fairy in The Cupcake Flavor Fairies series.


Sylvie has has short red hair in short bangs a schoolgirl bob. She has light skin and freckles on her cheeks, and wears a pink headband, a pink shirt with a picture of strawberry on it, a red jacket, a red skirt with leggings attached and pink boots. Her wand releases sparkles shaped like strawberry cupcakes with pale pink frosting with a strawberry on top, and her wings are round and pink tinted. She has a special strawberry cupcake that makes strawberry cupcakes taste delicious, sweet and fluffy.


  • Sylvie has the same hair color as Stephanie the Starfish Fairy, Savannah the Zebra Fairy and Julia the Sleeping Beauty Fairy
  • Sylvie's jacket is inspired by Champ Bear's jacket from the Nelvana-produced Care Bears series
  • Sylvie's wings have the same shape as Juliet the Valentine Fairy's wings
  • on the other cover. she didn't have freckles. and no red jacket.

    Sylvie the strawberry cupcake fairy

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