Tama is the third fairy in her series, the Vegetable Fairies.


Tama has freckled pale skin and has long red hair, held in pigtails and clipped back by two silver barrettes. She wears a short red skirt, a white short-sleeved blouse, a green waistcoat, a pale green scarf (in the US version) and a yellow sash. Red and green striped trousers clothe her legs, topped by dark green ballet pumps. In the US version, Tama also has pale green gardening gloves.

(Note: Her ballet pumps are replaced by dark green rubber boots and a hat of the same shade in the US version.)

Tama's wand is long and black with a red tip, and eminates little red tomatoes. Her wings are round, and tinted red on the edge.


Fairy dust: Red tomatos

Magic Object: A large, red tomato.

Job: Spread warmth and happiness provided by keeping tomatoes ripe + tomato-ey.