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The Big Dollhouse is a song sung by Lauren, Miley, Daisy, Emmy, Bethan, Frankie, Rochelle, Tia, Zahrah, Joanna, Puja, Cloda, Dionne, Jodie, Sophie, Alice, Princess Lizzie, Joanne, Bonnie, Rebecca, Jaimee, Sunaz Florence, Isobel, Sam, Renee, Rhiannon, Libby, Kim, Molly, Vanessa, Carmen, Lily, Emily, Marie, Shpresa, Shamara, Jade, Harriet, Jessica, Amybeth,  Olivia, Shaneece, Natasha, Samantha, Holly, Fiona, Alyson, Jasmine, Savanna, Laura, Nia, Nyree, Em, Emy, Nikita, Ellie, Polly, Francesca, Hollie, Rhianna, Taela, Elvira, Imogen, Abigail, Kiana, Louisa, Poppy, Georgia, Elise, Jorgie, Jaydene, Brady, Zoe, Chloe, Bryhanna, Mollie, Ella, Mariah, Anna, Shannon, Charys, Dani, Maria, Sarah, Emma, Elizabeth, Emz, Salima, Yinka, Kirby, Danielle, Darcy, Carly, Andi, Meganne, Daveena, Lucy, Megan, Kimberley, Paige, Nicole, Courtney, Noor, Hodon, Irisa, Freya, Kaleah, Rhea, Fern, Bobbie-Leigh, Cerys, Leah, Caitlin, Amy, Abbie, Yoma, Lotte, Moobina, Ruby, Katie, Martha, Neve, Shelby, Juliette, Penny, Mahnoor and Spade and only one line spoken by Angenita the Go-Go Dancer Fairy

This song is from the episode Lauren and Miley Get Busted!

This song also comes from the broadway musical Hairspray, The Big Dollhouse is actually a Jail prison, If you don't know how the song goes then click here:


All: I Gotta Get Out, I Gotta Get Out, I Gotta Get Out!, How'd I get in this slamer, This Cooler, THIS BIG DOLLHOUSE!!

Spade: All Right Fairies, Welcome to the Big Dollhouse! For those of you new to My Cage of trapped fairies, Think of me as a Mother, Who Eats her Young

Renee: Locked up with all these low-life fairies

Bonnie: And Horizontal stripes ain't exactlt slimmin'

Bethan: Is there anyone her who can dry clean my blouse?

Spade: It's the Maid's day off

Spade, all: In the Big DollHouse!

Francesca: Lady Justice, Where have you gone?

Ella: Oh Danielle, Check, I think I left the iron on!

Chloe: Did You See Schwarz laughing? I could murder that louse

Spade: Honey, that'll getcha life

All:  In the big dollhouse

All  Big house!

Isobel and Sam:  Locked up here in the pen

ALL: Big house!

Frankie:  No phone!

Rebecca:  No food!

Juliette:  No men! 

Vanessa:   I need a conjugal visit  From my loving spouse 

Spade:   Honey, just drop the soap 

All:   In The Big Dollhouse 

(All poor fairies wail and beg)

Princess Lizzie (to Spade):  Yoo hoo, 

My stomach's a little sour 

I haven't had food  In over an hour 

Spade: You just had Ice Cream, 

Six cookies,

a jellybean! 

All: There's no food left  In the big dollhouse 

Rhiannon:  Hey, matron, 

I have got to complain 

Shelby:  Mira, mami, don't i know you  From 1st and main? 

Libby:   Eek, call my shiestas,

Lipshitz and strauss 

I gotta get sprung  From the big dollhouse 

All: Big house! 

Emz:   No fair! 

Emma:   No food! 

Megan and Kimberley:   No fun! 

All Big house! 

Jade, Harriet and Elizabeth:  And our fight had just begun 

'Cause it's freedom's flame Lauren and Miley'd like to douse 

So we must break out of this 

All:  Big Dollhouse 

Lauren:  Miley, i can't take alll of this waiting,  

I've lost my inventions by me and you, 

Plus, me and you were grounded by my sister Candace! 

Miley: Well Lauren,  I hate to grumble or grouse 

All (screaming at Lauren and Miley):  But it's your fault that we're in  This big dollhouse!! 

Angenita The Go-Go Dancer Fairy:   Hey, cool it, ladies  No need to shout  And don't ya got an old lemur To bail you out? 

Spade:  Ha! Her older sister's a pervert,  A loser, a souse! 

Jessica (conforting Lauren and Miley):  Well, it's just us girls  In the big dollhouse 

All:  Big house! 

Fern:  God, i'm too young to cry! 

All:  Big house! 

Lucy:  I'm busting out! 

Rhea:  Girl, so am i! 

All:  Lady justice, hear my plea  'Cause the big dollhouse, The big dollhouse, The big dollhouse, Ain't big enough for me!  For me!  For me! 

Miley: For me!!!

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