Fan Art!
This article is Fan Art. This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

Rachel and Kirsty are doing a school bakesale with some of their friends. But when their cupcakes go awry, the two think Jack Frost has done something. It turns out he has stolen the Cupcake Fairies seven magical cupcakes, which ensures baked goods are always at their best! Can the girls find the seven cupcakes before all types of cakes are ruined? 


I hate sugar and all things sweet,

I hate things that seem like a treat.

That's why I should make everyone cry,

For their cupcakes have turned into a horrible surprise!

Sprinkles, fruit and pretty toppings,

Chocolate, vanilla and creamy frostings,

They will all disappear and be replaced with fakes,

When I steal the seven magical cupcakes.

The Fairies:Edit


  • The Cupcake Fairies are cousins of the Sweet Fairies. 
  • They are friends of Honey the Sweet Fairy and Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy. 
  • They are helpers of Coco the cupcake fairy, 

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