The Fast Food Fairies is a group of series who make sure that Fast Foods are yummy, Henie met the girls at a Fast Food Restaurant when Kirsty's mum was ordering a yummy hotdog for the two girls, Jack Frost has stolen their Fast Food charms.

JF's Poem:Edit

Yummy Fast Foods for people,

But I want some luck for it!

Hotdogs, Pizzas, Burgers, Donuts, Tacos, Sundaes and Chips -

What is the chance to get that scent?

I think there's a chance

to snatch the Fast Food fairies' charms,

then My goblins will wear them,

and sneak away with the fairies' magic!



  • In the U.S. they are called the Yummy Food Fairies.
  • In the U.S. Ariella is the Ice-Cream Sundae Fairy.

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