Athena The Wisdom Fairy

Aphrodite The Love And Beauty Fairy

Persephone The Ancient Flower Fairy

Atermis The Archery Fairy

Pandora The Curiosity Fairy

Pheme The Gossip Fairy

Isis The Egyptian Love And Beauty Fairy

File:Goddess girls.jpg

The Fairies' Magical Gem CharmsEdit

Brown Owl-Shaped Gem Charm-Athena

Pink Heart-Shaped Gem Charm-Ahprodite

Yellow Flower-Shaped Gem Charm-Persephone

Pale Blue Moon-Shaped Gem Charm-Atermis

White Question Mark-Shaped Gem Charm-Pandora

Red Lip-Shaped Gem Charm-Pheme

Purple Heart-Shaped Gem Charm-Isis


  • The Goddess Girls Fairies are The Princess Fairies' closest friends.
  • Like the Pet Fairies,Athena,Aphrodite,and Athaynia have a pet owl,a pet kitten like Katie the Kitten Fairy,and some pet dogs.

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