The Mr. Men Little Miss Fairies are a fan-made Rainbow Magic group by Ericaster1


Jack Frost's Spell

Smiles and laughter are a pain,

Cheer and fun is what I can't gain

I have a plan to ruin their fun and play,

And make the sun just go away!

I'll steal their charms away,

And ruin the Mr. Men Little Miss fun today.

I just don't care how sad they will be,

A dark gloomy land is what they will all see!

The FairiesEdit

Harper the Mr. Happy Fairy

Erica the Little Miss Sunshine Fairy

Kailey the Mr. Tickle Fairy

Rossane the Little Miss Hug Fairy

Janice the Mr. Strong Fairy

Carla the Mr. Bump Fairy

Amethyst the Little Miss Princess Fairy


All: To make sure that everyone is happy and sunny days are sunny and bright and kindness is everywhere.

Harper: To make sure everyone is happy and smiling and that there are smiles everywhere.

Erica: To make sure that there's sunshine everywhere sunny days are sunny and bright.

Kailey: To make sure there are tickles everywhere and they make people happy and make people giggle.

Rossane: To make sure that there are hugs and love everywhere and that hugs are gentle and make people happy.

Janice: To make sure that helping others is everywhere and everyone has exercise.

Carla: To make sure that all bandages, plasters, plaster casts, and bruise soothers help heal others and their bumps, bruises, and cuts.

Amethyst: To make sure that politeness, kindness, and helping others are everywhere.

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