The planet fairies are a fan-made fairy group (created by WhimsyDream). With their miniature models of the planets, they keep all the planets in the solar system orbiting the sun. Without them, the planets will go crazy . There are 8 of them, instead of the usual 7.

Story Edit

Kirsty and Rachel are watching a meteor shower when Maria the Mercury Fairy falls out of the sky. She tells Kirsty and Rachel that Jack Frost has took The Planet Fairies miniature models of the planets and if he succeeds in learning how to use them, the planets will go crazy.

The Fairies Edit

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[1]Maria The Mercury Fairy

Verity the Venus Fairy

Elise the Earth Fairy

Martine the Mars Fairy

Jezebel the Jupiter Fairy

Starlynn the Saturn Fairy

Utah the Uranus Fairy

Nevada the Neptune Fairy


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