Fan Art!
This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

This is a story from Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated: The Secret Serum. Please don't change anything as I spent ages typing this up.


Cheryl: Sold! 3 tickets to the Skating Tournament 2013 go to Miley the Stylist Fairy, Lexi the Firefly Fairy and Claudia the Accessories Fairy!

Miley: Booyah!

Claudia: Skating? Yay!

Lexi: I am pleased. It was all worth for £10!

Adele: Perfect! Alesha, how much money have I made so far?

Alesha: You’ve made £2,100 for 40 items. Now you have 60 items left to sell!

Cheryl: Next up is this spooooky painting! Let’s start at £5!


Cheryl: [awkwardly] Ok, what about £4?


Cheryl: £3? [silence] £2? [silence] £1.50? [silence] C’mon people, this is a first-class painting!

?: Raaaah!


?: Give me that painting!

Cheryl: R-r-r-run!

[all run to door]

Cheryl: I-i-i-it’s locked!

[lights go out]

Adele: Help!

[Cheryl turns lights back on as ? flies off]

Cheryl: Is everyone OK???

Adele: The painting- It’s gone!

[next morning]

Destiny: [from swimming pool in her and Adele’s villa] Adele, you’ve been cryin’ all night, what’s the matter?

Adele: My most expensive painting was stolen last night!

Lexy: That doesn’t sound good…

Tamara: [on a lilo] Nothing around here seems good- except for mah cherry freezie!

Miley: Agreed!

Destiny: [offended] hmm?

Jessie: Hey, everyone! You like my new bikini?

Miley: Uh, I can’t see you wearing a bikini- are you even wearing one?

Jessie: [growls] Can’t you people see that sunrays can RUIN your skin?

Tamara: Uh, yeah unless you wear suntan.

Jessie: Grrr! I’m reading my book.

Adele: Without the £10,000 I’ll earn from my items, I’ll never be able to pay for a hygiene expert for the pool!

Jessie: [smugly] So Adele, you’re saying that the pool is unhygienic?

Miley and Tamara: Argh!

Destiny and Lexy: Ew!

Adele: I’m not saying it is unhygienic, it’s just that [falls into whisper] whenever Alesha swims here, the pools seems to be… well… a bit brown. Maybe her shampoo attracts germs when it touches chlorine. And I was thinking I could hold an auction for money. That junk in the loft is attracting rats. But when it was my painting that was on auction, it was stolen… by a vampire…

Miley: A vampire?

Tamara: V-v-v-vampires?

Destiny: Don’t worry girls. I’m sure Adele here is overreacting and imagining things.

Alesha: [behind everyone] I’m sure it was a vampire. I saw it.

Adele: Oh, Alesha! What a lovely surprise!

Lexy, Tamara, Miley, Destiny, Jessie: Arrgh!

Destiny: [whispering] Alesha’s so ugly!

Adele: Girls, this is Alesha the Acrobatics Fairy. We’re new friends!

Alesha: So, about these vampires, what’s the matter?

Destiny: Oh, nothing.

Lexy: We need to meet up at the Clam Chowder House at 6 ‘o’ clock pm. See ya guys!

Miley and Tamara: We’d better be off too.

[at 6 ‘o’ clock]

Miley: I love clams!

Tamara: I love chowder!

Miley and Tamara: We love clam chowder!

Destiny: So Lex, what was it?

Lexy: We’re going vampire hunting!

Destiny and Jessie: What?!

Miley and Tamara: Yay!

Lexy: Miley, Tamara, do you want to come with me?

Miley: Oh yeah, Lexy! We’re ready!

Destiny: Well… I need to rest. I feel sleepy [yawns].

Jessie: I need to study…

Lexy: Let’s go! [Hops into van and drives off with Miley and Tamara]

Jessie: [walking to Destiny’s home] So, where do we go?

Destiny: I’m thinking… pedicures!

[in Lexy’s van]

Lexy: Isn’t it strange?

Miley: Yeah! Strange that I sit in the front!

Tamara: Yeah, when Destiny and Jessie aren’t around we have to sit in the back!

Miley: Now this experience will live on forever!

Lexy: No, I mean without our singers, Jessie and Destiny. It seems a little… quiet.

Tamara: Well, Lex, nothing here is strange!

Lexy: [ignoring] If you were a vampire, where would you hang out?

Miley: Like- at the Seafood Sandwich!

Lexy: Let’s try the Seafood Sandwich!

Tamara: Boy, it’s rare when Lexy agrees with us!

[at home]

Destiny: You know, Jess, if you give a boy a stupid choice and a smart choice, they’ll always go for the stupid choice. That’s why you shouldn’t give them a choice at all.

Jessie: Whoa, I didn’t know that! Dest, we are learning a lot from each other.

Destiny: Mmm!

[spots Adele flinging a dark cloak on]

Destiny: Adele, where are you going?

Adele: Um, I’m going to the shops to buy... let’s see… cheese! Yes, cheese. Mm hmm. I’ll see you later!

Jessie: Where is Adele going?

Destiny: To the shops. She never goes out after 11pm.

Jessie: What’re we gonna do about it?

Destiny: Follow her.

Jessie: But what about our massages?

Destiny: Sorry, Jess. Duty before beauty.

[tries to walk without ruining her nails]

[on streets]

Destiny and Jessie: *puff* *puff*

Destiny: We’ve lost her. My wings feel tired.

Jessie: Adele’s the fastest fairy alive!

Destiny: She speed-flies every morning.

Jessie: Well she must have wings like wood! Huh?

Destiny: Hey, the botanical gardens’ light is on.

Jessie: Adele must’ve gone in there.

Destiny: But I’ve known her all my life! She hates flowers because of her sensitive nose and she hates things she has to pay for!


Lexy: Isn’t Fairyville lovely up here?

Miley: Yeah, so is the seafood!

Tamara: Yuhuhuhum!


Miley: Did you just hear that!

Tamara: And it came from the botanical gardens!

Lexy: Well-sensed, guys! I expect a vampire’s in there! Let’s fly! Remember where we parked.

Miley: But what do we do?

Lexy: We trap ourselves a vampire!

[opens van boot]


Destiny: Ew! It smells like the stuff you put on plants to help them grow!

Jessie: You mean poo?

Destiny: Yeah, smells just like that!


Lexy: This 20-inch net can trap anything! Vampires can’t resist meat!

Tamara: Sssh! Someone’s coming!

[figures flying across the path. Lexy tugs rope]

Destiny and Jessie: Arrgh!

Lexy: Hit the lights, girls!

[switch on torches]

Miley: Uh-oh…

[Destiny and Jessie are angry caught in net]

Destiny: Lexy, get me out!

Jessie: Miley, release me this instant!

[Miley pulls rope and net is undone]

Tamara: Um… your hair looks nice?

Destiny: Save it, bigmouth.

Lexy: Guys, don’t be rude. Go. Let’s. Go find. Vampire?


Destiny: What was that?

[Lexy searches with torch]

Lexy: Vampire!

Miley: What do we do?

Jessie: RUN!

[Miley and Tamara run right, Lexy, Destiny and Jessie run left]

Jessie: Don’t let go of me!

Destiny: Don’t worry Jess, I’ve got hold of [runs through branches]…you? Ah, nuts.

Tamara: Miles, I think the exit is this way! [points to bush and pulls it open]

Miley: Why do we have to go that way?


Miley: Yikes! [Vampire soars above her and grabs hold of Miley] Ahh! Get off! Get off!

Groundskeeper Greene: What the- who’s there? [shines torch and vampire pounces on him] Ah!

Miley: Prickles! Ah! Ow!

Destiny: Is everyone OK?

Jessie: [nastily] How ‘r you doing?

Groundskeeper Greene: My Blue Orchid! Gone!

Lexy: What would a vampire want with a painting and an orchid?

Tamara: We’ve gotta look it up.

Destiny: But the local library’s closed!

Jessie: Don’t worry. I know a perfect 24-hour-library!

[at the library]

Rose: [on phone] I don’t care if there was a weather delay. That pizza isn’t gonna be transformed here itself. I’m starving!

Jessie: If we want to know what the vampire’s up to, we need to do some research. Hi, Mum!

Rose: Oh, girls! I owe the pleasure! Please help yourself to my library books!

Destiny: Rose, we need you to show us some books on [whisper] vampires…

Rose: Vampires? Oh, sugarplums, you’ve come to the right place!

[leads girls to vampire section]

Rose: This shelf contains the most important information about vampires!

Lexy: [turning pages] There must be something in here to tell us why a vampire would want a painting and an orchid.

[Destiny spots a shadow]

Destiny: Hmm?

[follows it]

Destiny: Hello? Is someone there? [books falls out of cupboard]Oops! [Puts it back and it falls out again] You really don’t like this shelf!

?: Ugh. [mumbling] For crying out loud

Destiny: Who are you?

?: The answers you seek are inside!

Destiny: The book?

[nothing replies]

Lexy: Nothing.

Miley: Nothing.

Tamara: Nothing.

Lexy, Miley and Tamara: Nothing.

Jessie: Well, we’ve searched the vampire section. I guess we should search the other isles.

Rose: But I always make sure my books are in the right section every day!

Jessie: Don’t worry, Mum. I believe you.

Destiny: I’ve found it!

Miley: Cool!

Tamara: Let’s see!

Destiny: In this book, I found a copy of Celebrity Weekly: Halloween Special and guess what I found! [turns to page]

Lexy: [reading] Countess Dracula’s Youth Juice.

Tamara: Make this drink and eternal youth will be all yours.

Jessie: But this is just a Halloween Hoax. Somebody obviously didn’t get the joke.

Miley: And guess what the first two ingredients are!

Tamara: [reading] Pigment from a stolen painting and pollen from a Blue Orchid!

Lexy: You’ve found it! Our vampire is trying to make some youth juice! Well done, Destiny!

Destiny: [smugly] Mm hmm!

Jessie: What’s the next ingredient?

Miley: Finest jus de raisin du château de Vin.

Lexy: [translating] Grapejuice Castle’s Finest Wine.

Destiny: [gasp] That wine is very expensive. Only a few restaurants in Fairyville can afford that wine and that place is Monsieur Bonheur Des aliment cabane! So if we get there before the vampire we can catch it!

Lexy: And trap it- with a trap.

[on doorstep to Destiny’s villa]

Destiny: There is a strict clothing rule at Monsieur Bonheur Des aliment cabane and we have just the clothes-

Adele: Sheriff, I think it’s time you get out of here.

Destiny: Adele?

Ginny: Calm down, Adele. All I wanted to know was if you were going round at night wearing a vampire mask and a long clock, thats all! No reason to get all angry!

Destiny: Adele,what’s the matter?

Adele: Oh, nothing. It’s just that Sheriff Ginny thinks I’m the “vampire” as the botanic gardens’ blue orchid went missing. At least I had Alesha here to back me up!

Alesha: It’s just some misunderstanding.

Destiny: Adele is not behind this! I have to clear her name! Girls, we’re going to dinner!

[at restaurant]

Destiny: Now, act posh and make sure you show your stripes off!

Lexy: [French accent] Bonjour. I’d like to inspect your finest wines, oui, oui!

Everyone: Oui, oui! Oui, oui!

Waiter: And do you have a reservation?

Jessie: Uh…

Waiter: No reservation, no table.

Miley: [French accent] Like- I need to go wee! Oui, oui! Oui, oui!

Destiny: Me too! Oui, oui! Oui, oui!

Lexy: Really? I went before we w- [Destiny jabs him with elbow] Oh yes. Me too! Oui, oui!

Jessie and Tamara: Oui, oui! Oui, oui!

Everyone: Oui, oui! Oui, oui!

Waiter: Of course. It is just down the hall on the right.

[Destiny spots Adele and Alesha eating]

Destiny: Adele?

Miley: [as everyone passes toilets] But I really need to go to the- [Jessie pulls her] aah!

[everyone throws clothes off]

Lexy: Now we need to find the wine and protect it!


Destiny: The vampire! It’s here!

Vampire: That wine will be MINE!

[chase goes on]

Lexy: Everybody, in here! [opens cage]

Everyone: Arrgh!

Tamara: Q-q-q-quickly!

[closes cage]

?: Hehehe! Fools! [locks cage and throws keys on floor]

Destiny: [imitating] Everybody, in here! Nice goin’ Lex. You’re always meant to stay on the outside of a cage!

Lexy: Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t know we were going to be locked in by your best friend.

Destiny: Adele’s not the vampire.

Vampire: [looking at wine half-way up wall] Gwah! Soon I will have youth forever!!!

Destiny: I don’t think…

[in van]

Miley: We just aren’t right today.

Jessie: Face it, maybe we’re not a team anymore.

Lexy: The last ingredient is a chunk of the Devil’s Eye. What’s that?

Jessie: The Devil’s Eye is a red diamond. Legend says whoever touches it cursed forever and when they die, they’ll be sent to the devil.

Destiny: That jewel is on display at the Fairyville Museum.

Lexy: So that’s where we’ll go.

[drives off]

Lexy: So my last few traps were a total failure but I assure you this one will work!

[Destiny spots Adele]

Destiny: Oh no, Adele!

Lexy: Destiny? For traps sake, were in the middle of somethin’!

Destiny: Adele, you can’t be the vampire! Adele? Adele?!


Miley: The vampire!

Tamara: It’s on Miley!

[vampire pulls rope and captures Miley and Tamara in the trap but swing into an exhibition which breaks the rope]

[Riot breaks out]

Destiny: [statue falls by her.] Aaah!

Vampire: Finally, the Devil’s Eye will be mine!

Jessie: Not so fast, vampire. I swapped the real diamond for that fake one you’re holding before you came here. That one you’re holding is a fake!

Lexy: Release the second rope! [tugs rope but trap is a total failure]

Vampire: [evilly] hahahaha!

Lexy: Uh… [smiles awkwardly] hehehe!

[vampire runs at Jessie’s diamond but Tamara’s quicker. She undoes the rope and trap falls on vampire]

Vampire: Arrgh! [screaming] Get me outta here!

[Lexy pulls off mask]

Everyone: Alesha the Acrobatic Fairy?

Alesha: Isn’t it obvious? My looks are starting to differ from everyone’s. It’s all your friend’s fault. We’re both the same age and Adele has skin of a teenager.

Everyone: Oh no! [starts complimenting Alesha]

Destiny: But instead of Countess Dracula’s Youth Juice, couldn’t you wear a little less make-up so you could… age gracefully?

Alesha: Age gracefully? Are you crazy? She shows off her skin all the time. So I found Celebrity Weekly and found just the thing- Countess Dracula’s Youth Juice. I started following the ingredients. I made myself a vampire and made a realistic mask. My strong and tough muscles let me fly into the air and soar downwardswith my parachute-like cloak. And I was so close to getting eternal youth and I didn’t all thanks to you stupid fairie-

Adele: [behind] What’s going on here?

Alesha: Ug. Even now she steals my moment.

Destiny: Adele! [runs to her] I’m so thankful you’re not an ugly, flying, blood-sucking monster!

Adele: Uh… thanks BFF!

[police cuffs Alesha and is lead away]

Miley: But where have you been going for the last few days?

Adele: I wanted to keep this secret to you guys but I’m taking Science classes and getting a first degree!

Everyone: Well done! [starts complimenting]

Adele: Must dash. I’ve got an intelligence test tomorrow and I’ve gotta study. Ta-rah!


Destiny: Well, I guess it’s goodnight. See ya guys. [walks off]

Lexy: I’d better be going too. Trap ya later… [walks off]

Miley: Look, Jessie-

Jessie: Good night. [walks off]

Tamara: Well, I guess it’s just me and you, Miley… [walks off together]

[But a man is watching the fairies walk off through binoculars…]

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