The Snow Kingdom Fairies are fictional characters in Rainbow Magic. Kirsty and Rachel arrived winter village, with the brownies and are having a live-in in the winter house for a week, as Kirsty and Rachel were going to hang up their coats inside Rachel's and Kirtsy's room, they reunite with Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy, As she takes them to fairyland to meet her student helpers, Rhea, Cerys, Kaleah, Martha, Keisha, Shanice and Bryhanna and of course their unicorns and the snow spirits, 5 minutes later Jack Frost and his naughty goblins have stolen the snow kingdom fairies' magical snow spirits

the snow kingdom fairies asked Rachel and Kirsty to help them. Together, they stopped Jack and the goblins from ruining their and Brownies's Winter party. Later, Rachel and Kirsty are invited to the Gabriella's Fairyland Winter Wonderland Party.


Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy is planning a Winter Wonderland Party

So, I send my 7 Goblins to steal the Snowflake spirits and I Conjure up this Snowflake Spirit Storm!

To seven winter places in the human world during winter,

The Snowflake Spirits will be hurled!,

Now, The Poor Snow Kingdom Fairies's Winter Wonderland Party will be a Disaster

Now Winter will be a Terrible Chaos and Winter will be worser!

Winter Celebrations, Frozen things, And Winter Sports will be things of the past,

And Nowadays, From Now On, In Fairyland's and the Human World's Winter is now the Worst!

The fairiesEdit


  • Makes sure that Everyone has a wonderful winter and that winter is running correctly with snow and things for winter are for winter


  • Their magic items are snowflake spirits
  • The Snow Kingdom Fairies will reveal to be Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy's Helper Assistants
  • They have unicorns with magic horns with auras that will show the snow kingdom fairies to the snowflake spirits
  • this is the only customized fairy group to have All of the seven Snow kingdom Fairies have U.S. names


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