The Wild Animal FairiesEdit

The Wild Animal fairies take care of wild animals and make sure they are safe.

The FairiesEdit

  1. Shakira the fish fairy
  2. Ariel the bird fairy
  3. Joanne the kangaroo fairy
  4. Pollyanna the polar bear fairy
  5. Leandra the lion fairy
  6. Philipa the wild horse fairy
  7. Mandy the monkey fairy

Their PetsEdit

  1. Sharky the fish
  2. Cloud the bird
  3. Jojo the kangaroo
  4. Blankie the polar bear
  5. Roary the lion
  6. Winter the horse
  7. Kiki the monkey


  • All of the pets are male except for Kiki
  • In the U.S. version, Cloud is a female

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