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The Wild Animal Fairies are a group of fairies and represent wild animals. Without their own pets, wild animals everywhere will behave strangely.

There are four Baby Farm Animal fairies and they are: Ariel the Bird Fairy, Joanne the Kangaroo Fairy, Leandra the Lion Fairy and Philippa the Wild Horse Fairy.

The FairiesEdit

Ariel the Bird Fairy Edit

Ariel flew out of a bird's nest to greet the girls. She has blonde hair and wears a fur-edged blue dress and matching boots. Without her pet hummingbird, birds will act like sharks. 

Joanne the Kangaroo Fairy Edit


Joanne has long golden brown hair and wears a yellow-orange gradient shirt with a matching skirt and green trainers. Without her pet kangaroo, kangaroos start roaring like tigers!

Leandra the Lion Fairy Edit


Leandra flew out of a treehouse when the girls walked around a jungle. She has curly blonde hair and wears a yellow-orange gradient dress and boots. Without her pet lion, lions act like piglets.

Philippa the Wild Horse Fairy Edit

Philippa was inside a bucket when the girls noticed it glowing. She has long brown hair and wears a purple crop top and a long flowing skirt. Without her pet stallion, wild horses start to woof like poodles.