The YouTuber Fairies is the fourth fan made fairy series created by CoolStar1998. It is based around Rainbow Magic and YouTube. 

The Fairies Edit

RM logo

RM logo recreated by CoolStar1998.


Rachel and Kirsty are staying with Kirsty's Aunt and Uncle in America for a week of the summer holidays, visiting the Euro Expo Convention. Whilst exploring, they meet the YouTuber Fairies, who explain that they watch over their human counterparts, as well as beginners... Until mean Jack Frost steals the fairies magical objects! Without them, things are going haywire for YouTubers. Can the girls seek the objects and save the digital world? 


Please note Edit

  • User LexsJB drew the fairies, as a request from user CoolStar1998. All credit goes to LexsJB.