Tixie Is The Fifth Fairy In The Elementeral Fairies


Tixie has dark skin with long brown hair with blonde tips tied up in to ponytails with a blue bow.She wears a diamond necklace and a light blue mini dress with a fuzzy coat on top,also grey leggings.She wears fuzzy boots that don't show anything else then the fuzz.Her wings are light blue tinted.

Symbol:A white paw with sparkles

Job:To make sure that arctic sled dog races go well

Magic Object:An arctic ring


.In Sakurah The Husky Fairy Tixie shows up to tell rachel and kirsty instead of Sakurah

.In Rylee The Remix DJ Fairy,Orion tells Kirsty and Rachel that Tixie is very talkitive although in the book it seems like the oppisite

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