By Megan Maylor

Chapter oneEdit

"It's a sunny day today. Kirsty." said Rachel Walker. "And we have to get Tomira's Magic Red Velvet Cupcake back. but first we have to go to the Goblin Bake sale."

Kirsty and Rachel were having a Holiday in Sweet Hotel. and they have a Special Secret: they are friends with the Fairies! They met Cherise by a Window. she whisked them to fairyland and Sylvie tell the girls that Jack Frost and his Goblins has broke into The Cupcake Flavor Fairies' Cupcake room and Stole the Cupcakes while the fairies have been away.

"This is a race!" Said Kirsty. "Thanks goodness we helped Cherise the Chocolate Cupcake Fairy and Vivienne the Vanilla Cupcake Fairy. We've already found Two cupcakes!

Now there's still five more Cupcakes left to find.

The girls folded their clothes and put them in the basket. Rachel put her Grey-Striped T-shirt on. her jeans and her red Sneakers. Kirsty put on her Pink Shirt with a Picture of a Candy on it. her yellow skirt. her black pants and her Blue Boots.

"Girls. have you put your Clothes yet? we're going outside!" asked Mrs Tate.

"Coming. Mum!" Said Kirsty.

Chapter twoEdit

When they got outside. the Parents were here. and the angels were here. too. Lexy, Serena and Emilia gasped in horror.

"What Happened?" Said Lexy.

The kids were making a huge noise that all the Grown-ups and Bakers have to cover their ears.

"Why that cupcake tastes bad?" said a little girl.

"Mum. can we go now?" said Kirsty.

"Don't go too far!" said Mrs Walker. "We'll see you in the Bake sale!"

When the girl arrived. they saw something from a plant tree.

it was a star path!

the girls walked on the star path. until they found a Fairy - Tomira the Red Velvet Cupcake Fairy!

Chapter threeEdit

She has long, red hair. freckles on her cheeks and she wears a red dress with a white line at the bottom.

"Hi girls." said Tomira. "There's a big diaster in Fairyland. we need you all to fix it!"

Work in Progress!