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This article is Fan Art. This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

LaurenMileyand CandaceTrick or treat!

TrixieWell, look at this, we've got a punk musician, underground doctor, and an Igor, or something else. And isn't it Candace Flynn? Where's your costume?

Candace: "Where's your costume"? I haven't worn my hair like this in 2 years!

Lauren: Get with this season's spirit, Candace!

Candace: Please, trick-or-treating is for kids. I'm like, way more mature than that. I'm walking with you till we arrive at Constance's, and I'm outta here.

Straight: There you are. I'd thought we'll never catch up. I see. No costume, Candace?

Candace: [growls]

Lauren: Nice princess costume, Isabella! Where'd you got it?

Isabella: Actually, I'm not wearing a costume.

Lauren: Oh, okay.

Isabella: I got it on the mall.

Straight: What kind of friend hands out these orange peanuts? We should find a better neighbor.

Lauren: That's funny. I've never seen this kind of place before. You'd think we would've notice it.

Straight: I'm gonna give these peanuts a second look.

Lauren: What's that?

Ace: Hi, I'm Ace. I live here.

Isabella: Oh, Ace, like the leaves.

Straight: Fellow, are you trying to scare us?

Ace: No, Straight. Hiding in the leaves make me feel better.

FrankieWhy don't you just go inside?

Ace: In there? It's haunted!

Lauren: Cool!

Ace: No, not cool! It's haunted with ghosts, zombies, vampires, horrifying screams, floating objects, that's all.

Straight: The banana skin makes him a bit mysterious in the shadows.

Frankie: Actually, there's no scientific explanation of ghosts.

Straight: What do you know? You're a pony!

Frankie: Rainbow Dash!

Straight: Case closed! 

Lauren: Maybe we can help you, Ace. Got anything for ghosts, Miley? Whoa, there's 'lot! Let's go bust them!

Candace: Oh one's busting without me.

Lauren: Sure! We'll all go! Coming, Ace?

Ace: If you say-so, I'd come in.

Candace: Oh, please. 

Ace: Oh, this always happens. 

Lauren: Don't panic anyone!

Isabella: How can I be panic when I'm holding your hand?

Straight: I think it's my paw.

Isabella: Ew!

Frankie: Hey! [ghost voice] Wheeerreee iiisss Perrrryyyy?

Straight: Quit it, Frankie!

Ace: C'mon, most of them are coming this way.

Candace: Great. Let's bust them and go to Constance's.

Frankie: There are no ghosts. Look! Normal background radiation...and when we point it to the right, it'll...well, that can't be right.

Lauren: 78? Are you putting this with two-digit numbers? Uh...that's not good.

Zombie Spade: Are you a little too young to hunt ghosts?

All but Miley: Yes, yes we are!

Ace: It's totally like this all the time!

Villain Beasts Mafia Incorporated!

Spade: Oh Perry the Platypus, I was hoping that you'd come. Wh..this? Yeah, I have to make myself stuck in chains. That's a perfectly good explanation, though. It started a couple of days ago, when I talked to my snake boyfriend, it's not a point exactly. Let's say venom is on my bad side. Venom and me, were on the outs, big time, so I poisoned myself at my tail. What I need is a hunger of venoms, not like that. Burning antipathy, so I built the Mind Transfer--inator venom! And as it turned out, it was a snake brain, with not enough room for knowledge. That'd been it, but I started licking salt when I'm watching a channel. I began to think I'm not an ordinary snake anymore, or 'coz tonight's gonna be spooky. And that's totally my thing, you know...oh no, it's happening again! [Totally transforms to a Were-Snake] [hiss] 

Man: Three more years till pension kicks in.

Spade: [hiss]

Woman: There are no monsters in Danville, you're a genius.

[Song: Were-Snake on the Escape]

Get ready for udder terror
'Coz you're just a cud that she's gonna chew
And you never had venom anytime
So you better beware of the hiss!
'Coz we got a were-snake,
Were-snake on the escape!
You know I think this warning should suffice
Were-snake, were-snake on the escape!
Oh look out, she's gonna chew you twice!
Were-snake, were-snake on the escape!

Candace: Open up! C'mon! It wouldn't budge!

Isabella: Weakling!

Lauren: At least it's just 78 on the meter, right?

Frankie: How could this be one?

Ace: Well, sometimes the floor gives out...[the floor reveals to a trap door, which let the gang fall to the basement]

Straight: I should say, this is non-traditional.

Ace: Don't all houses have this?

Ghost 1: [sounds like Spade] I'm a tremulous voice!

Ghost 2: [sounds like Shuffle] I like to play.

Ghost 1: I'm not a ghost, I'm a sheet, that lives!

Lauren: This can be related to your problem.

Zombie Spade: I'm not alive anymore.

Ace: Across the river, let's go there! We'll be safe in that prison house!

isabella: Across the river?! How big is this basement?

Frankie: This really is the wrong color of a river!

Straight: Hey, don't pop it, man!

[Four of the Villain Beasts' zombies start to rise from the "water"]

Zombie Shuffle: Spy!

Zombie Joker: Robbery!

Ace: Hey, did I mention the zombies?

Frankie: Let's get out! Let's get out!

Zombie Straight: Shakedowns!

Zombie Ace: I don't care, but more 'bout my hitman skills. Dash it all, he broke my gun.

Bridgette: Danville meadows, where thousands of grass layers were cut down. Locals are advised to keep away from their lawns.

Man: Forget that! Let's get her!

Lady: Yeah!

Man: Helloo! Pitchfork! 

Spade: What-where am I? What's that awful taste? And when did I do this beautiful landscaping? Oh no!! Perry the Platypus, thank goodness you're here! Quick, we need to go back to my lab before I hiss again! [hisses loudly]

Man: There she is! Let's get 'er!

[Song: Were-snake on the Curve]

Well they've got pitchforks and other implements of poison
I don't think they're in halycon

Man: She could be hiding behind one of these!

Woman: Over there!

And if they catch up to you, it's gonna be alarming
So you'd better hoof it out, dude!
Yeah, we got a were-snake, 
Were-snake on the run!
And they look like they got a good score to settle!
Were-snake, were-snake on the run!
They're gonna poke you with some rusty metal!

Baking Teacher: In our baking class..[Dr. Spade runs to the flour as the angry mob chases her]

Straight: Deathend!

Zombie Spade: Relax and stay for a while.Stay FOREVER!!!

Candace: Nobody busts but!

Lauren: Wait, if you're a zombie, and you have a snake head, what did that make you were alive?

Miley: The probability of a animal cyborg hybrid is a exceedingly remote. 

Isabella: Look, sparks!

Straight: So it was just a zombie robot?

Lauren: No, regular one. I bet there's something strange not going on here.

Larry: Ah, dam serval. You gave us a heck of the workout.

Lauren: Us?

Larry: I'm a friend of Ace, and my name's Larry.

Beryl: Me too. My name's Beryl.

Isabella; Ace, Larry, and Beryl? They're themed to this season or something else!

Lauren: But how 'bout our tools? How did ya..

Larry: Ta-da!

Lauren: A frequency emitter! You sly giraffe, Ace!

Beryl: We got them all over place.

Larry: Hey! What's that on your ear?

Isabella: How did you do that?

Larry: Sorry, it's a trade secret!

Lauren: Wow! This is one of the best spooky tricks ever!

Candace: Yeah. Blah, blah, blah lovefest.

Lauren: And before we go, can you give us one more trick?


Lauren: Cool! A mob of angry ghosts chasing a were-snake! 

Larry: Uh..smoke?

Beryl: And mirrors?

Candace: Ugh.

Larry: Good night, Lauren and Miley.

Lauren: You know, for a minute there, I thought there were real ghosts. The old house! It's gone!

Larry: We're just packing it up for the season.

Lauren: Isn't this one of the moments when someone really turns to a ghost?

Ace: Dude, that's it!

Lauren: Okay, okay. See ya next year!

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