This is a Mystery Story from Tallulah Topper (Megan Maylor's younger sister) And she wrote six of them. there's some of them below:


1: The Dangerous Miracles

2: Quick! Escape from Duke!

3: The Nyan Cat, the Noob and the Ghost

4: The Haunted Piano

5: The scary world

6: The Mystery

Charaters In the Parts:Edit


Jewel Fairies The Jewel Fairies

the Kitten Fairy Katie the Kitten Fairy

the Piano Fairy Poppy the Piano Fairy

the Beach Fairy Nicole the Beach Fairy

the Sunset Fairy Ava the Sunset Fairy

the Unicorn Fairy Leona the Unicorn Fairy

the Tap Dance Fairy Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy

the Playtime Fairy Maddie the Playtime Fairy

the Paramedic Fairy Perrie the Paramedic Fairy

the Rainforest Fairy Lily the Rainforest Fairy


Duke, A brown skined Giant

The Noob

Nyan Cat

The Ghost

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