Megan Maylor

aka Sophie

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is Making Fanmade Characters, Of Chorse!
  • I am A Sapphire Fairy!
  • Megan Maylor


    December 6, 2016 by Megan Maylor

    You can earn badges by editing pages, adding pictures, leaving comments on blog posts. come back to wiki for days and adding Cateorgies. there's badges that you can earn:

    you can earn this badge by coming back to wiki for days (14, 30, 60, 100,) it's like a photo frame on its shape.

    Sliver badge

    You can earn this badge by adding 5 photos. Because painting is like pictures. Like the unoffical Fairies you've drawn.

    Bronze badge

    You can earn this badge by adding hundreds of Cateorgies. This badge is cool because it has The Jewel Fairies on it.

    Gold Badge

    You can earn this badge by adding 100 cateorgies. it has Polly the Party fun Fairy on it. it's called "Fun for everyone".

    Sliver Badge

    You can earn this badge by adding 50 cateorgies. This has A-Okay …

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  • Megan Maylor

    My Gallery

    November 13, 2016 by Megan Maylor

    This is My Gallery. But of chorse you can look at it!

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  • Megan Maylor

    These are some new Fairies that I thinked of. Please edit to tell me which tape of fairies that you thinked of. Have fun!

    Tallulah Topper

    Blossom the Apple Fairy

    - A Green apple

    Papa the Tomato Fairy

    - A ripe tomato

    Sepron the Mushroom Fairy

    - A mushroom

    Juicy the Orange Fairy

    - A orange

    Cob the Corn Fairy

    - A corn

    Kissie the Strawberry Fairy

    - A ripe strawberry

    Posh the Pear Fairy

    - A green pear

    Hawaii the Pineapple Fairy

    - A pineapple

    Lenny the Lime Fairy

    - A golden Lime

    Chloe the Cauliflower Fairy

    - A Cauliflower

    Sweet the Pea Fairy (US name: Candy the Pea Fairy)

    - A pea (She has jobs to do with Freezy the Frozen pea Fairy)

    Peachy the Peach Fairy

    - A peach

    Cheeky the Cherries Fairy

    - Two cherries

    April the Apricot Fairy

    - A apricot

    Kooky the Cookie Fairy

    - A choc chi…

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