These are some new Fairies that I thinked of. Please edit to tell me which tape of fairies that you thinked of. Have fun!

Tallulah Topper

The Fruit & Veg Fairies:

Blossom the Apple Fairy

- A Green apple

Papa the Tomato Fairy

- A ripe tomato

Sepron the Mushroom Fairy

- A mushroom

Juicy the Orange Fairy

- A orange

Cob the Corn Fairy

- A corn

Kissie the Strawberry Fairy

- A ripe strawberry

Posh the Pear Fairy

- A green pear

Hawaii the Pineapple Fairy

- A pineapple

Lenny the Lime Fairy

- A golden Lime

Chloe the Cauliflower Fairy

- A Cauliflower

Sweet the Pea Fairy (US name: Candy the Pea Fairy)

- A pea (She has jobs to do with Freezy the Frozen pea Fairy)

Peachy the Peach Fairy

- A peach

Cheeky the Cherries Fairy

- Two cherries

April the Apricot Fairy

- A apricot

The Bakery Fairies:

Kooky the Cookie Fairy

- A choc chip cookie

Donna the Special Donut Fairy

- a pink donut without a hole (She is friends with D-Lish the Donut Fairy)

Mini the Muffin Fairy

- A muffin

Slick the Breadstick Fairy

- A breadstick

Head the Bread Fairy

- A pack of Breads

Carrie the Carrot Cake Fairy

- A carrot cake

Mary the Meringue Fairy

- A purple Meringue (To see the picture. go to Meringue Gallery.)

D-Lish the Donut Fairy

- A donut

Louise the Chocolate Cheesecake Fairy

- A Chocolate Cheesecake

Patty the Cake Fairy

- A cake

Toastie the Toast Fairy

- A toast

Billy the Bagel Fairy

- A bagel (to see the picture. go to Bagel Gallery.)

The Pantry & international foods fairies

Gran the Jam Fairy

- A jam

Sally the Salt Fairy

- A salt

Peppe the Pepper Fairy

- A pepper

Bee the Honey Fairy

- A jar of Honey

Flfl the Flour Fairy

- A flour

Cruncher the Cracker Fairy

- Box of Crackers

Lee the Tea Fairy

- A tea bag

Lump the Sugar Fairy (US name: Lump the Sugar & Spice Fairy)

- A pack of Sugar

Fasta the Pasta Fairy

- A pack of pasta (She has jobs to do with Netti)

Tina the Tuna Fairy

- A pack of Tuna

Tommy the Ketchup Fairy (US name: Tommy the Tomato Sauce Fairy

- A bottle of Ketchup

Netti the Spaghetti Fairy

- A bowl of Spaghetti

Wally the Water Fairy

- A bottle of water

Terrie the Taco Fairy

- A taco (to see the picture. go to Taco Gallary)

The Dairy & Frozen Food Fairies

Chee-Zee the Cheese Fairy

- A Cheese

Buttercup the Butter Fairy

- A Butter

Freezy the Frozen Pea Fairy

- A pack of Frozen pea

Popsi the ice Popsicle Fairy

- A ice popsicle

Yo-Chi the Yoghurt Fairy

- A Yoghurt

Spilt the Milk Fairy

- A bottle of milk (She has jobs to do with Milk-Bud)

Party food & Sweet treats Fairies

Bite the Rainbow treat Fairy

- A Rainbow Treat

Pops the Soda Fairy

- A soda

Wishes the Birthday Cake Fairy

- A birthday Cake

Wobbles the Jelly Fairy

- A green Jelly

Poppins the Lollipop Fairy

- A Lollipop

Blue the Bubbles Fairy

- A bubble

Browner the Chocolate Fairy

- A chocolate

Dream the Ice-Cream Fairy

- A ice cream

Marsha the Marshmallow Fairy

- A Golden Marshmallow

Twinky the Pretty decorated Bread Fairy

- A decorated Bread

Leo the Special Sweet Fairy

- A Special Sweet

Elivabeth the Cupcake Fairy

- A Cupcake

Poppy the Popcorn Fairy

- A popcorn

Suzie the Sundae Fairy

- A Sundae

Macca the Macaroon Fairy

- A Macaroon

Hope the Candy apple Fairy

- A green candy apple

Pressy the Present Fairy

- A Present

Kylie the Cone Fairy

- An ice cream cone

Berry the Smoothie Fairy

- A Smoothie

Jake the Pancake Fairy

- A Pancake

The Cleaning Fairies

Molly the Mop Fairy

- A mop

Leafy the Tissue Fairy

- A tissue

Rub the Glove Fairy

- A Sliver glove

Jaker the Clean Fairy

- A clean charm

Homewares Fairies

Dum the tiny Bottle Fairy

- A tiny bottle

Dribbles the Bottle Fairy

- A bottle

Sippy the Sips Fairy

- A Sip cup

Lana the Lamp Fairy

- A lamp

Brenda the Blender Fairy

- A blender

Pop the Toaster Fairy

- A Toaster

Chatter the Call Fairy

- Magical bag of call dust

Frost the Fridge Fairy

- A fridge

Comfy the Chair Fairy

- A chair

Petra the Plant Fairy

- A plant

Tammy the TV Fairy

- A TV

Penny the Pencil Fairy

- A pencil

Erica the Eraser Fairy

- A Eraser

Sally the Secret Fairy

- A notebook

Beauty Fairies:

Lippy the Lipstick Fairy

- A Lipstick

Polly the Polish Fairy

- A pink nail polish

Scrubs the Toothpaste Fairy

- A Toothpaste

Smapy the Shampoo Fairy

- A Shampoo

Silky the Hair Fairy

- A hairbrush

Sunny the Sunblock Fairy

- A Sunblock

Mindy the Mirror Fairy

- A mirror

Blushy the Blush Fairy

- A brush

Frenchy the Perfume Fairy

- A perfume

Gemma the Bottle Fairy

- A blue bottle

Kay the Bow scent Fairy

- A bow scent

Pretty the Puff Fairy

- A puffer

Sally the Scent Fairy

- A heart scent

Sparkly the Spritz Fairy

- A spritzer

Shoes. Hats and Accessories Fairies:

Bun the Slipper Fairy

- A slipper

Wedge the shoes Fairy

- A shoe

Prommy the heels Fairy

- A heel shoe

Angie the Ankle boot Fairy

- A Ankle boot

Sally the Sneaker Fairy

- A sneaker

Heely the new shoes Fairy

- A new shoe

Kelly the jelly shoes Fairy

- A jelly shoe

Quilty the boot Fairy

- A boot

Jennifer the Rainboot fairy

- A rainboot

Taylor the Rainhat fairy

- A rainhat

Casper the cap Fairy

- A cap

Harriet the Handbag Fairy

- A handbag

Roxy the gold ring Fairy

- A gold ring

Rosie the Sliver ring Fairy

- A sliver ring

Ticky the Watch Fairy

- A watch

Chelsea the Charm Fairy

- A charm

Ruby the Earring Fairy

- A earring

Belinda the Brooch Fairy

- A brooch

Penny the Purse Fairy

- A purse

Happy places Fairies

Adette the bone Fairy

- A bone

Jake the Fish food Fairy

- A fish food charm

Skyler the pie Fairy (US Name: Fizz the pie Fairy)

- A pie

Meower the Hot Chocolate Fairy

- A cup of Hot chocolate

Bud the Cup of Milk Fairy

- A cup of Milk

Rita the Phone Fairy

- A phone

Drips the Garden Water Fairy

- A Garden water

That's what I thought up.