the vet fairies take place after candyland fairies and represnt vet stuff without their magic, vets will be risk. when jack frost steals their magical pets and jewellery, strange things happen to the vet! peom: thick ice form, cold winds blow, snow fall and rain clouds form I cook up this jewellery, pet and fairy storm to 10 places of belle the birthday fairy the vet fairies will be hurled, to 10 places of tippington town the magical pets will be hurled and worst of all to 10 places of emily the emerald fairy the magical jewellery will be hurled! I`m the master of VETS. the girls are staying at friends summer club for 14 days when they meet katie the hope fairy at a easter egg hunt she tells them of jack frost and how he stopped vets from doing their jobs.can the girls find each fairy and their magical pets and jewellery?

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