Vivienne the Vanilla Cupcake Fairy is the second fairy in the The Cupcake Flavor Fairies series.


Vivienne has short blonde hair in short bangs a schoolgirl bob. She has light skin, and wears a turquoise headband, a white shirt with a pale yellow vest, turquoise capris, white socks and white and turquoise sneakers. Her wand releases sparkles shaped like vanilla cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles, and her wings are pointy and turquoise blue tinted. She has a special vanilla cupcake that helps vanilla cupcakes taste delicious and fluffy.


  • Vivienne's vest and sneakers are inspired by Bright Heart Raccoon's vest and sneakers from the Nelvana-produced Care Bears series
  • Vivienne's wings have the same shape as Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy's wings
  • Vivienne has the same hair color as Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy
  • She has the same hair as Sky the Blue Fairy

    Vivienne the vanilla cupcake fairy

Extras: Edit

Vivienne the Vanilla Cupcake Fairy Story