The White Knight Fairies, originally created by Destiny the Pop Star Fairy, are a fanmade Rainbow Magic fairy group. They are based around Rainbow Magic and the White Knights of Animal Kaiser (not Great Animal Kaiser). Like the Aura Fairies and Miracle Fairies, this fairy group is now adopted by AllyTrish34.

Fairies Edit

Job Edit

Making sure that the animals (respectively) live longer.

Trivia Edit

  • The order of the fairies are sorted according to the Rarity, Strength, and Health.
    • Holy African Elephant (Vrede): Gold Rare, 6000 (Strength), 7500 (Health)
    • Holy Gray Wolf (Schneider): Silver Rare, 6000 (Strength, 6000 (Health)
    • Holy Great Horned Owl (Baron): Bronze Rare, 4500 (Strength). 5500 (Health)
    • Holy Manta Ray (Jinrai): Normal, 4500 (Strength), 4500 (Health)
    • Holy Anaconda (Ronaldo): Normal, 4000 (Strength), 5000 (Health)
    • Holy Indian Gavial (Daiba): Normal, 3500 (Strength), 4000 (Health)
    • Holy African Wild Dog (Shiro): Normal, 3000 (Strength), 3500 (Health)
  • Most of the animals' names are changed except for Schneider.

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