Fan Art!
This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

Who did it? is a song in Fairyland Christmas Play. Actually, the tune and theme would be same as the song Busted, from Phineas and Ferb



It's been a long time
And you should see it that
Everyone's so good

[Isla] But Rebecca, look at the actresses!


But the costumes are missing
And we don't know who did it
I also can't tell you all and...

[All] Who did it?

[Selena] It's not Ally, Summer, nor Miranda, right?

[Ally, Summer, and Miranda] Yes, of course!

[Matilda] So, who did it?

[Vanessa] I also can't tell ya, 'cos I didn't see it


We must find it soon who did it
We gotta find the culprit
So we know it
And why....
We may not know
But we'll find it soon
And...[mysterious tone, whispering] who did it?

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