This is a Song by Megan Maylor. The Fairies who sing them is the Ice Star Fairy Isla the Ice Star Fairy, the Puppy Fairy Lauren the Puppy Fairy, the Singing Fairy Amelia the Singing Fairy, the Tap Dance Fairy Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy, the Rain Fairy Hayley the Rain Fairy,the Snow Cap Fairy Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy, the Ice Bear Fairy Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy and the River Fairy Milly the River Fairy, This song shows you how rain Works.

[Hayley the Rain Fairy]

It's Used to be a Sunny Day.

But Dark clouds is coming up in the Sky.

Tiny water drops fall on you and the ground.

Why Does it always Rain on me?

[Milly the River Fairy]

[To Hayley] Beacuse Humans and Animals needs Water to stay alive.

Plants needs water too.

And for This:

Without water, there will be no lifes on Earth.

[Shouting] WE NEED WATER!

[Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy]

Rain is Water too.

Water is Very Special.

It can freeze to ice.

and It can turn back to water.

[To Milly] It my Summary right?

[Milly the River Fairy]

That's right!

Water is good for all of you.

And also there's a thing:

Fruit and Veg has Water too!

[Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy]

Before you go outside in a Rainy day.

You need an Unbrella.

You will get soaking wet without an Unbrella.

[Isla the Ice Star Fairy]

Ice is made out of Water.

it freezes and just Do ice-Skating!

One by one. One by one.

(To Hayley) Now let's talk about Rain on People!

[Hayley the Rain Fairy]

Rain is from dark clouds.

You can have fun on a rainy day.

Feel the Rain on your Face.

and jump in Paddles with your rainboots!

[Caitlin the ice Bear Fairy]

Rain and Water is Special.

Yes it is Special.

That's the Water Cycle.

We have water every day.

[Lauren the Puppy Fairy]

Pets needs Water from rain.

Rain Makes water for us.

Pets needs water too.

[talking] Pets and Humans needs water.

[Amelia the Singing Fairy]

Water is Very Special.

It can move like stright lines in the air.

Water can move up and down.


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