Red Winged fairies Edit

Ruby the Red Fairy, Cherry the Cake Fairy, Phoebe the Fashion Fairy, Scarlett the Garnet Fairy, Harriet the Hamster Fairy, Pippa the Poppy Fairy, Tasha the Tap dance Fairy, Saskia the Salsa Fairy, Helena the Horse riding Fairy, Francesca the Football Fairy, Poppy the Piano Fairy, Maya the Harp Fairy, Ruth the Little Red Ridinghood Fairy, Lynese the Casino Party/Casino Games Fairy, Lauretta the Ladybug Fairy, Sheeva the Frosting Fairy, Desirae the Toffee Apple/Candy Apple Fairy

Orange Winged fairies Edit

Amber the Orange Fairy, Goldie the Sunshine Fairy, Chloe the Topaz Fairy, Tia the Tulip Fairy, Ariana the Firefighter Fairy, Alisha the Orange Fairy, Cecile the Cinnamon Roll Fairy

Yellow Winged fairies Edit

Saffron\Sunny the Yellow Fairy, Honey the Sweets Fairy, Sarah the Sunday Fairy, Charlie/Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy, Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy, Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy, Esme the Ice Cream Fairy, Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy, Kitty the Tiger Fairy, Josie the Jewellery-Making Fairy, Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy, Emma the Easter Fairy, Erin the Phonix/FireBird Fairy, Lulu the Lifeguard Fairy, Jacquelyne the Beauty Makeover/Prom Beauty Fairy, Saida/Sonja the Bee Fairy, Lynn the Lemon Fairy, Noreen the Cheesecake Fairy

Green Winged fairies Edit

Fern the Green Fairy, Abigail the Breeze Fairy, Emily the Emerald Fairy, Bella the Bunny Fairy, Willow the Wednesday Fairy, Louise the Lily Fairy, Jade the Disco Fairy, Sadie Saxophone Fairy, Ashley the Dragon Fairy, Perrie the Paramedic Fairy, Brianne the Prom Decorations Fairy, Gretl/Greta the Grashopper Fairy, Kisha the Caterpillar Fairy, Cindy the Kiwi Fairy, Marzia the Cake Pops Fairy, Rina the Fruit Cupcake Fairy, Andeana/Alysson the Apple Pie Fairy

Blue/cyan/Navy/Marine/Soft/ice blue/Teal Winged fairies Edit

Sky thy Blue Fairy, Crystal the Snow Fairy, Hayley the Rain Fairy, Polly the Party Fun Fairy, Jasmine the Present Fairy, Sophie the Sapphire Fairy, Lucy the Diamond Fairy, Georgia the Guineapig Fairy, Molly the Goldfish Fairy, Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy, Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy, Alice the Tennis Fairy, Ellie the Guitar Fairy, Lara the Black Cat Fairy, Leona the Unicorn Fairy, Anna the Arctic Fox Fairy, Martha the Doctor Fairy, Marianna the Goldilocks Fairy, Levine the Banquet Fairy, Maci-Lei the Moth Fairy, Carol the Blueberry Fairy, Sindel the Prettily Decorated Cupcake Fairy, Jillian the Gelatin Fairy

Pink/Lilac winged fairies Edit

Pearl the Cloud Fairy, Melodie the Music Fairy, Grace the Glitter Fairy, India the Moonstone fairy, Katie the Kitten Fairy, Lauren the Puppy Fairy, Thea the Thursday Fairy, Sienna the Saturday Fairy, Danielle the Daisy Fairy, Ella the Rose Fairy, Bethany the Ballet Fairy, Jessica the Jazz Fairy, Samantha the Swimming Fairy, Danni the Drum Fairy, Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy, Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy, Clara the Chocolate Fairy, Layla the Candyfloss/Cotton Candy Fairy, Kayla the Pottery Fairy, Roxie the Baking Fairy, Julia the Sleeping Beauty Fairy, Eleanor the Snow White Fairy, Faith the Cinderella Fairy, Elle the Thumbelina Fairy, Marianne the Party Ball/Disco Ball Fairy, Corinna the Butterfly Fairy, Suzanne the Strawberry Fairy, Petunia the Peach Fairy, Rosetta the Raspberry Fairy, Kristyn/Trina the Trifle Fairy

Purple/Violet winged fairies Edit

Heather the Violet Fairy, Storm the Lightning Fairy, Amy the Amethyst Fairy, Freya/Felicity the Friday Fairy, Penny the Pony Fairy, Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy, Olivia the Orchid Fairy, Naomi the Netball Fairy, Madeleine the Cookie Fairy, Zadie the Sewing Fairy, Rosalie the Rapunzel Fairy, Melissa the Sports Fairy, Toborr the Dance Party Fairy, Tiffany the Dragonfly Fairy, Petal the Candy Decorations Fairy, Trevi/Kaleigh the Parfait Fairy

Indigo/Deep Blue/Purple/ Midnight colored winged fairies Edit

Izzy/Inky the Indigo Fairy, Evie the Mist Fairy, Megan the Monday Fairy, Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy

Grey winged fairies Edit

Zoe the Skating Fairy, Amelia the Singing Fairy, Alaea the Night Club Fairy, Mathilda the Chocolate Cupcake Fairy, Tabby the Vanilla Cupcake Fairy

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