Yanika, often called Yana by her friends, is the sweetest, kindest ad most forgiving fairy in Queen Titania and King Oberon's Kingdom . The phrase "sweet as honey" really suits her since she is the honey fairy .


Yanika can be seen wearing light cotton clothes. She usually wears a light yellow and black top and a yellow and black mini skirt . On her feet she wears long black net stockings that reach upto her thighs. On her feet she wears yellow sandals with honey bees emproidered on them .

Work and Special Abilities Edit

It is Yanika's work to see that all the bees are producing honey  and that the honey is being distributed amongst the humans. Even if Yanika is sweet tempered and forgiving, she does her work well . She carries a pot full of magic honey that she sprinkles on any honey theives head . She wishes upon the honey for any punishment she wishes to give to that theif . And usually the honey he stolen, causes him to have food poisoning and if anyone deserves it, who can prevent her, from keeping lots of honey in store for him ?

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