Zania Is The Sixth Fairy In The Dog Fairies(US Title:The Dog Kind Fairies)


Zania has dark-pale skin and freckles with gingery-orange hair and a frindge tied up in a high ponytail pink bow.She wears a lime green t-shirt with rhinestones on it and a pink,lime green,yellow and blue striped skirt,she also wears pink,blue and yellow striped legwarmers.She wears blue ballet slippers with pink bows on top.Her wings are yellow tinted.

Symbol:A dog's face with a bow on it.

Job:To make pug's have a safe life.

Magic Object:A pug named Princess.


.She was going to be the seventh fairy but Sakurah took her place instead

.Her US name,Koh means little flower in japanease

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