Zara: wait! Twilight Fairies! let me catch up!

Ava: Zara. run faster!

Morgan: We need to solve a Mystery. but first we have to go to the train station!

(at the train)

Maisie: Phew!

Yasmin: Wait! who was that?

Lexi: it's Ashleigh!

Ashleigh: W...W...Who are you?

Sabrina: It's us!

Ashleigh: Twilight Fairies! (Hugging Sabrina) I miss you so much!

Ava: Ashleigh. there's a mystery that we need you to solve with us. we need to get to that station called Trixie's spooky house. then we're going to code road. then to the playground. then catch the thief who stole my strawberry. then to find my gold coin which is stolen and look for the box of heirloom furnitures.

We're now arrived in the haunted house. anybody need to do something there must leave. please take your belongings. thank you for coming to fairyland train.

Ava: we're here! I can see that spooky house!

Morgan: So exciting!

(at the haunted house)

Lexi: let's go and see who's in here!

we entered in. but Ashleigh didn't see any furnitares in that room in level 1.

Ava: let's go to level 2.

(in level 2)

Work in progress!

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